Herbert W. Armstrong - A Photo Tribute

Founder and Chancellor of Ambassador College,
Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong

Founder's Message

EDUCATION -- and the world of its creation -- has lost all knowledge of the PURPOSE and true meaning of life. Modern education doesn't know, and fails to teach What is MAN? WHY is man? What are the TRUE VALUES? What is THE WAY to peace, happiness, abundant well-being?

This BASIC KNOWLEDGE cannot be acquired by all the exploratory, observational or philosophical powers of man. This kind of necessary knowledge is received only by revelation!

The fruits of modern education have brought mankind to unparalleled decadence and crisis. There is a reason. There has to be a cause for every effect.

There are two alternatives as a starting point -- a FOUNDATION for knowledge. This world and its education have adopted the false FOUNDATION.

Ambassador College knows and teaches the PURPOSE and true meaning of life -- the TRUE VALUES that pay off -- and THE WAY to peace, happiness and abundant well-being. We don't guess, or theorize. We have it on AUTHORITY! The Bible is that Authority, and it is PROVED to be the revelation of the Almighty living GOD to humankind.

The Bible is the world's biggest seller, but also the book almost nobody knows. It is the FOUNDATION of all knowledge, and the approach to acquirable knowledge.

Ambassador College is pioneering the educational system of the WORLD TOMORROW. A foretaste of that peace, happiness and abundant well-being is radiated by Ambassador students.

Ambassador students learn HOW to live -- THE WAY to happiness -- but the "how to EARN a living" is not neglected.

Ambassador students are taught the MISSING DIMENSION in education -- the underlying PURPOSE and the real meaning of life; the worthwhile values; the basic laws of success, not only in economic fields, but in life as a whole. They are given individual attention in the development of character, poise, culture and personality. Ambassador is a unique character-building institution.

Herbert W. Armstrong

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