Herbert W. Armstrong - A Photo Tribute

Founder's Statement

Today we live in a different world. Frightening changes have occurred. In the brief span of a lifetime, the world has passed with accelerating speed through the age of invention, the machine age, the age of science and technology, the nuclear age and now, the space age.

And with these developments has emerged a new age in education. Science, industry and modern education have concentrated on developing the machine while degenerating the man.

Curricula, generally, have become wholly materialistic, putting the emphasis on the purely technical and intellectual, at sacrifice of spiritual, moral and cultural development; on curriculum rather than character; on earning a living, at the neglect of learning how to live!

The Ambassador policy is based upon the recognition that true education is not of the intellect alone, but of the whole personality - not alone of technologies, sciences and arts, but an understanding of the purpose of life, a knowledge of the spiritual laws which govern our lives, our God relationship and human relationships.

Ambassador College knows and teaches the purpose and true meaning of life - the true values that pay off - and the way to peace, happiness and abundant well-being. How do we know? We have it on authority. The Bible - God's revealed Word - is that authority. It is the foundation of all knowledge, and the approach to acquirable knowledge.

Ambassador students are taught the missing dimension in education - the underlying purpose and the real meaning of life; the worthwhile values; the basic laws of success; not only in economic fields, but in life as a whole. They are given individual attention in the development of character, poise, culture and personality. They are taught to think about what they're doing, while they're doing it. Ambassador College is, literally, a character-building institution.

Very soon, today's decadent education will be replaced by the educational system of the World tomorrow. This already has been introduced in Ambassador College. And like the proverbial grain of mustard seed, it is beginning to spread around the world.

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