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The Bible Story Book

Volume 1, 1982

Chapter 1        "In the Beginning"
Chapter 2        "Thou Shalt Surely Die!"
Chapter 3        Noah Builds the Ark!
Chapter 4        "And The Flood Came"
Chapter 5        The Tower of Babel
Chapter 6        Abram Journeys to Canaan
Chapter 7        Abraham Gives Up His Son
Chapter 8        Esau Sells Jacob His Birthright
Chapter 9       Jacob Meets Rachel
Chapter 10     Joseph's Adventures in Egypt
Chapter 11    Joseph Becomes Ruler of Egypt
Chapter 12    "I Am Joseph"
Chapter 13    Seven Years of Famine
Chapter 14    Moses Flees Egypt
Chapter 15    God Chooses Moses
Chapter 16    Moses and Aaron Meet Pharoah
Chapter 17    The Plagues of Egypt
Chapter 18    The Plagues Continue
Chapter 19    The Worst Weather Ever!
Chapter 20    Two More Plagues on Egypt
Chapter 21    The Exodus Begins
Chapter 22     At the Red Sea
Chapter 23    Crossing the Red Sea
Chapter 24    Safe At Last!
Chapter 25    War with Amalek
Chapter 26    On to Sinai
Chapter 27    The Ten Commandments
Chapter 28    The Golden Calf
Chapter 29    Moses Breaks the Ten Commandments
Chapter 30    Moses Returns

Volume 2, 1983

Chapter 31    The Tabernacle Built
Chapter 32    The Levitical Priesthood
Chapter 33    Laws of Health
Chapter 34    The Plan of Salvation
Chapter 35    "Choose you this day..."
Chapter 36    Israel Breaks Camp
Chapter 37    Quail For Two Million
Chapter 38    Twelve Scouts Search Canaan
Chapter 39    Scouts Report Seeing Giants!
Chapter 40    Mob Attacks Moses
Chapter 41    Rebels Challenge God's Government
Chapter 42    "The Earth Opened Its Mouth"
Chapter 43    On to Canaan Again!
Chapter 44    The Troublesome Road to Canaan
Chapter 45    War with the Amorites
Chapter 46    King's Ransom Tempts a Prophet
Chapter 47    Balaam's Four Prophesies
Chapter 48    Victory East of the Jordan
Chapter 49    The Constitution of Israel
Chapter 50    Joshua Now Leads Israel
Chapter 51    The Promised Land
Chapter 52     Walls of Jerico Fall
Chapter 53    One Man's Sin
Chapter 54    Conquest of Bethel and Ai
Chapter 55    "And the Sun Stood Still"

Volume 3, 1984

Chapter 56     Promised Land Occupied
Chapter 57     The Sin of Self-Righteousness
Chapter 58     Why Many Suffer
Chapter 59     Integration in Israel
Chapter 60     Worshipping God in Vain
Chapter 61     The Way to Peace
Chapter 62     God's Fantastic Army!
Chapter 63     God Fights Israel's Battles
Chapter 64     Gideon's Troubled Peace
Chapter 65     The Fire That Failed
Chapter 66     Courage Without Wisdom
Chapter 67     Those Infamous Philistines
Chapter 68     Samson and the Philistines
Chapter 69     Samson Vexes the Philistines
Chapter 70     The Power of a Woman
Chapter 71     From Rebellion to Idolatry
Chapter 72     A Minister for Hire
Chapter 73     The "New Morality"
Chapter 74     "Your People Are My People"
Chapter 75     "You Are a Virtuous Woman"
Chapter 76     Virtue is Rewarded
Chapter 77     God Rules His Ministry
Chapter 78     "The Ark of God is Taken!"
Chapter 79     "Reverence My Sanctuary"

Volume 4, 1985

Chapter 80    "We Want a King"
Chapter 81    A King is Chosen!
Chapter 82    King Saul to the Rescue
Chapter 83    Indecision, Idolarty, Chaos!
Chapter 84    Without an Army!
Chapter 85    Amalek is Judged
Chapter 86    God Chooses David
Chapter 87    Goliath Challeges God!
Chapter 88    David a National Hero
Chapter 89    Saul Schemes Again
Chapter 90    David's Faith Wavers
Chapter 91    David-- Outcast!
Chapter 92    David-- Vagabond King!
Chapter 93    Vengence or Repentance?
Chapter 94    Life Among the Philistines
Chapter 95    "The King is Dead!"
Chapter 96    David King at Last
Chapter 97    Learning to be a King
Chapter 98    Build a Temple?
Chapter 99    Men Trust in Armies
Chapter 100    David's Temptation
Chapter 101    "You are the Man!"
Chapter 102    "I Acknowledge My Sin"
Chapter 103    An Undisciplined Son Rebels

Volume 5, 1987

Chapter 104    Civil War Threatens
Chapter 105    Civil War
Chapter 106    A Plague of Numbers
Chapter 107    God Chooses Solomon
Chapter 108    Solomon Builds the Temple
Chapter 109    Solomon Dedicates God's Temple
Chapter 110    King Solomon's Sins
Chapter 111    A Kingdom Divided
Chapter 112    Israel's Turning Point
Chapter 113    Safety Only Under God
Chapter 114    Troubles in Israel and Judah
Chapter 115    Elijah and the Famine
Chapter 116    "If the Lord be God, Follow Him!"
Chapter 117    "O Lord, Take Away My Life!"
Chapter 118    Syria Challenges God
Chapter 119    Despot Goes Unpunished
Chapter 120    Strange Bedfellows
Chapter 121    When a King Repents
Chapter 122    Victory Without War
Chapter 123    A Change of Mantles
Chapter 124    "Because One Man Has Character"
Chapter 125    When Miracles Made News
Chapter 126    "But it's Only a White Lie!"
Chapter 127    Uncovering Military Secrets
Chapter 128    Elijah's Letter

Volume 6, 1988

Chapter 129    A New King in Israel
Chapter 130    Jezebel, Chaos and a Boy King
Chapter 131    When a Nation Turns to Idols
Chapter 132    Face to Face With Reality
Chapter 133    Jonah and the "Whale"
Chapter 134    Even Prophets and Kings Must Repent
Chapter 135    Israel Goes to War with the Jews
Chapter 136    Judah is Strong- Israel is Weak
Chapter 137    Israel Conquered- Judah Spared
Chapter 138    A Righteous King
Chapter 139    A Tyrant's Boast and Divine Justice
Chapter 140    The Sundial of Ahaz
Chapter 141    The Decline of Judah
Chapter 142    Manasseh Repents
Chapter 143    Josiah's Crusade Against Idolatry
Chapter 144    Jeremiah Warns Judah
Chapter 145    Jehoiakim Buys Trouble
Chapter 146    Tyrannized by Babylon
Chapter 147    Seige -- Warning -- Defiance -- Grief!
Chapter 148    Ordeal by Seige
Chapter 149    Judah Falls Apart
Chapter 150    No Safety in Egypt
Chapter 151    David's Throne Re-established
Chapter 152    Adviser to Nebuchadnezzar
Chapter 153    Nebuchadnezzar Goes Insane
Chapter 154    Fall of Babylon the Great