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Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course
  1. Why Study the Bible in the Computer Age?
  2. WORLD PEACE--Really?
  3. The Sensational Return of Jesus Christ!
  4. The Coming Utopia...Wonderful World Ahead
  5. Just What is Man?
  6. What is "Hell"?
  7. Will You Go To Heaven When You Die?
  8. What it Means to be Born Again
  9. What is Real Repentance?
  10. Should You Be Baptized?
  11. Why You Need The Holy Spirit
  12. Christianity Is A Way Of Life
  13. Who and What is God?
  14. Angels
  15. Why is Man Different from Any Other Living Creature?
  16. Why is Ancient Israel Godís "Chosen People"
  17. The Simple Truth About the Old and New Covenants
  18. What is the True Gospel?
  19. What and Why the Church?
  20. In Training For Rulership
  21. Is This The Only Day Of Salvation?
  22. What Is God's Purpose for Mankind?
  23. Why Christians Should Keep God's Holy Days
  24. The Plain Truth About God's Holy Sabbath