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Booklets and Articles

By Herbert Armstrong or published by him

  1. 1975 in Prophecy
  2. 21 Century What Will It Be Like?
  3. 7 Keys To Understanding the Bible
  4. 7 Proofs Of God's True Church
  5. 40th Anniversary Conference of Drafting U.N. Charter
  6. A New Truth About Abortion
  7. A Voice Cries Out: What's Wrong With Organized Labor?
  8. A World Held Captive
  9. All About Water Baptism
  10. A Frank Answer to a Reader's Sincere Question
  11. An Overview from Higher Up
  12. And Now Christ Sets Church Back On Track Doctrinally!
  13. Are People Lost Because of Adam's Sin?
  14. Are We Back On the Track? - When We Lack Faith
  15. Are We In The Last Days?
  16. Britain's Last Gasp Of Joy And Splendor
  17. Can A Christian Believe In Evolution?
  18. Christ Did Put Authority and Rule in His Church!
  19. Christ Now Puts Church Back On God's Financial Track!
  20. Christians Have Lost Their Power!
  21. Christianity Is A Growth Process
  22. Coming Soon: Too Good to be True?
  23. Congress of Leading Ministries Hears Defined and Reemphasized Spiritual Organization of Church
  24. Conversion - Sudden Experience Or Lifelong Process?
  25. Did God Create a Devil?
  26. Do Christians Sin?
  27. Do You Want the Baptism With Fire?
  28. Does Easter Commemorate The Resurrection?
  29. Does God Exist?
  30. Does God Hate the Rich?
  31. Does God Heal Today?
  32. Education for Life
  33. Ending Your Financial Worries
  34. Ever Know Why Money Is the Root of All Evil?
  35. Exciting News! Peace Is On The Way!
  36. False Conversion!
  37. Feast Of Trumpets - Last sermon of Mr. Armstrong
  38. Fundamentals of Belief, Radio Church of God
  39. God's Great Sex Law!
  40. God Hates Divorce Yet He Divorced His Own Wife! WHY?
  41. God's Invisible Agents
  42. God's Law In Your Life
  43. Growth At 30% Per Year For 35 Years
  44. Has Time Been Lost?
  45. Have We, of All People, Been Neglecting God's Sabbath?
  46. He Can Who Thinks He Can
  47. Here's the Plain Truth About Old Testament Polygamy
  48. Historic New Laws to Guide Catholics
  49. Hope for the Future
  50. How Christ Chose and Educated His Apostle
  51. How and Why We Know We Have the Truth
  52. How I Have Been Providentially Protected From Harm and Even Death
  53. How Did You Come to Know the Truth?
  54. How Far may I Safely go...?
  55. How Often Should We Partake of the Lord's Supper?
  56. How Subtly Satan used Make-Up to Start the Church off the Track
  57. How the West Can End the Fear of Nuclear War NOW!
  58. How to be an Overcomer
  59. How To Prevent Sin
  60. How to Understand the Bible
  61. How YOU Can Overcome
  62. How You Could Commit The Unpardonable Sin!
  63. Human Nature - Did God Create it?
  64. I Visit the World Court - Last Chance for Peace?
  65. If You Had Lived in the Time of Christ
  66. If You Were God, How Would You Look at This World Today?
  67. Is All Animal Flesh Good Food?
  68. Is God Fair?
  69. Is It Wrong to Be a Cultured Individual?
  70. Is Jesus God?
  71. Is There a Hell?
  72. Is Tithing In Force Under The New Testament?
  73. Just What Do You Mean... Born Again?
  74. Just What Do You Mean... Conversion?
  75. Just What Do You Mean... Kingdom of God?
  76. Keep Your Eyes on the Goal
  77. Lazarus and the Rich Man
  78. Let God Fight Your Battles
  79. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About the Little Book
  80. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About European Unification
  81. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About God's Church Is The Temple
  82. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About God's Church Will Not Compromise
  83. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About Our Part Toward Finishing God's Overall Master Plan
  84. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About How Does The Bible Count A Generation?
  85. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About The Televised Movie The Day After
  86. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About How to Receive Answers to Your Prayers
  87. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About The End-Time Elijah
  88. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About The End-Time Zerubbabel
  89. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About The 10 nations of Revelation 17 will be Catholic
  90. Letter to Brethren with Remarks About Was Roger Babson Right?
  91. Letter to Brethren in Australia with Remarks About How Satan Would Like to Divide Us
  92. Letter to Brethren in Australia with Remarks About We Must All Speak The Same Thing
  93. Life After Death?
  94. Local Assemblies Are Not Social Clubs!
  95. Looking Into the World Tomorrow
  96. Lord's Supper -- Shall We Take It On the Eve of 14th, or 15th?
  97. Man to Rule The Universe?
  98. May, 1974 Letter on Church Government
  99. Military Service and War
  100. Mission of The Philadelphia Era - 1983 Sermon of Mr. Armstrong
  101. Most Costly is Cheapest
  102. Must God's Ministers Be Ordained By The Hand Of Man?
  103. My Answer to an Atheist!
  104. Never Before Understood - Why Humanity Cannot Solve Its Problems
  105. No! I Never Was a "Jehovah's Witness," or a Seventh Day Adventist!
  106. Now God Speaks To You Ministers
  107. Pagan Holidays-or God's Holy Days-Which?
  108. Personal From Herbert W. Armstrong - How You Are Being Tested!
  109. Personal From Herbert W. Armstrong - How To Put God First
  110. Personal From Herbert W. Armstrong - Romans 13 and the State of California Attack
  111. Personal From Herbert W. Armstrong - Shall We All Leave The Church of God and Join "The Church of People"?
  112. Personal From Herbert W. Armstrong - Why This Gap in the Bible?
  113. Personal From Herbert W. Armstrong - The Gospel Is Educational
  114. Personal Meetings With Heads of Governments - But Why?
  115. Predestination- Does the Bible Teach It?
  116. Prosperity Or Calamity? - Now That Britain Is In The Common Market
  117. Recent History of the Philadelphia Era of the Worldwide Church of God
  118. Russia In Prophecy
  119. Scriptural References for Church Doctrines
  120. Should Christians Celebrate Birthdays?
  121. Should Christians Tithe?
  122. Should We Listen To Others?
  123. Should We Pray to God, or Only to Christ?
  124. Should We Use the Old Testament?
  125. Should You Pay Tithes?
  126. Should You Try To Change Others?
  127. Spelling Out The Official Doctrine On Divorce And Remarriage
  128. Spiritism - Fraud or Fact?
  129. The 19 Year Time Cycles
  130. The Bible- Superstition or Authority?
  131. The Blessings of Abundant Living
  132. The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last!
  133. The Conspiracy Against the Family
  134. The Family - God's Plan for Mankind!
  135. The Great Purpose for Your Life!
  136. The Hidden Knowledge
  137. The History of the Beginning and Growth of the Worldwide Church of God
  138. The Importance of Fasting
  139. The Key To Human Survival!
  140. The Key To Radiant Health
  141. The Key to the Book of Revelation
  142. The Man Who Couldn't Afford to Tithe
  143. The Mark of the Beast
  144. The Middle East in Prophesy
  145. The Mystery of Melchizedek Solved!
  146. The Need To Make The Truth Plain
  147. The Old and New Covenants
  148. The Only Real Value of a Human Life
  149. The Plain Truth About Christmas
  150. The Plain Truth About Easter
  151. The Plain Truth About Fasting
  152. The Plain Truth About Healing
  153. The Proof of the Bible
  154. The Real History Of The True Church
  155. The Real Significance of Changing Governments
  156. The Resurrection Was Not On Sunday
  157. The Seven Laws of Success
  158. The Surprising Origin of MODERN EDUCATION
  159. The Sure Way to End the Fear of Nuclear War Now!
  160. The Ten Commandments
  161. The Time Has Come for Fasting and Prayer!
  162. The True Facts Of My Own Conversion
  163. The True Meaning of Predestination
  164. The Way of Life That Causes Success
  165. The Wonderful World Tomorrow
  166. There's a Hidden Enemy in Your Home!
  167. There Is a Way of Escape
  168. They Didn't Believe What He Said
  169. This is the Life!
  170. This Is The Life! -- Real Abundant Living
  171. Thou Shalt Not!
  172. Tongues
  173. True Spirituality
  174. Truth About Makeup
  175. Twelve Rules for Bible Study
  176. Understanding the Way to Peace
  177. Universal Prosperity: Is It Possible?
  178. Was Jesus Dead?
  179. Were the Ten Commandments in force before Moses?
  180. Were the Ten Commandments Nailed to the Cross?
  181. What About God - Revealed Knowledge?
  182. What Do You Mean "Rewarded According To Works"?
  183. What do you mean -- "The Unpardonable Sin"?
  184. What Do Churchgoers Believe? And Why?
  185. What Does Pentecost Mean to You?
  186. What Every Reader Needs to Know About the Foundation,
    History, Authority and Doctrine of the Worldwide Church of God
  187. What Fish And Fowl Are Good For Food?
  188. What Is Armageddon?
  189. What Is A Liberal?
  190. What Is Emotional Maturity?
  191. What is Faith?
  192. What Is the Purpose of the Resurrection?
  193. What Is The Reward Of The Saved?
  194. What is The Soul?
  195. What is the True Gospel?
  196. What Is The Worst Sin?
  197. What Kind of Faith is Required for Salvation?
  198. What Led to The Creation of Man?
  199. What Psychologists Don't Know About Child Rearing
  200. What Science Can't Discover About The Human Mind
  201. What Will You Be Doing In The Next Life?
  202. What's Wrong with Business and Industry?
  203. What's Wrong With Government?
  204. What's Wrong With The Younger Generation?
  205. What You Don't Know About Your Income
  206. When, and How Often, Should We Observe The Lord's Supper?
  207. Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath?
  208. Which Day is The Sabbath of the New Testament?
  209. Where Does the U.S. Go From Here?
  210. Where is the Original True Church?
  211. Where This Breakdown Of Family Life Is Taking Us!
  212. Who Is The Beast?
  213. Who Will Rule Space?
  214. Why All These Churches?
  215. Why Christ Died And Rose Again
  216. Why Churches Are Divided
  217. Why Did God Put You In His Church?
  218. Why Does God Allow Wars?
  219. Why God Is Not Real to Most People
  220. Why God Permits Human Suffering
  221. Why Humans Were Put on the Earth
  222. Why Labor-Management Strife?
  223. Why Many Don't Understand Pentecost
  224. Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete?
  225. Why Must Man Suffer?
  226. Why Must Men Suffer?
  227. Why The Church?
  228. Why Trials and Troubles?
  229. Why Were You Born?
  230. Why YOU Are Alive
  231. World Peace - How It Will Come?
  232. You Can Have Living Faith!
  233. You Were Born to Be a King
  234. You Won't Believe It!
  235. Your Awesome Future - How Religion Deceives You
  236. Your Children - Future Gods?

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